SHARE Network Conference: Building Bridges Between Policy and Practice















Expanding Resettlement across Europe: From Policy to Practice

SHARE Network Conference

21-22 October 2019, Brussels

The SHARE Network has worked with European countries over the past two years to expand resettlement and complementary admission pathways for refugees. Its approach is to expand welcome from the bottom up, reaching out to local communities across Europe to engage in or expand local welcome and integration programs. To this end, SHARE has developed modules to offer training to local communities implemented in nine countries over the past year.    

Gisela Andersson, from Kronoberg County in Sweden explained that due to legislative changes, all municipalities in Sweden are now receiving refugees. Most have positive experiences with resettlement and have invested in better integration programs. Overall asylum numbers in Sweden have decreased since 2016, explained Andersson, but many municipalities now are asking to receive higher numbers.