European Commission launches public consultation on integration

The European Commission launches a public consultation on the forthcoming Action Plan on Integration & Inclusion

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather views on new actions that could be taken at EU level to promote integration and social inclusion of migrants and EU citizens of a migrant background. The consultation is part of the process of developing a new Action Plan on Integration & Inclusion, announced in the Commission's Work Programme for 2020 and due for publication in the final months of the year. The consultation is open to any individual or organisation wishing to participate, and runs until 21 October 2020. More information on the consultation is available via the European Website on Integration, including a link to access the consultation survey (EU log-in required).


The Commission has also launched a call for applications from persons of a migrant background (including asylum seekers) to participate in the Expert Group on the Views of Migrants in the Field of Migration, Asylum & Integration. The group's role will be to provide expert input on the design and implementation of EU policy on integration and inclusion. More information about the group can be found here, including a download link for the Call for Applications document.