Report from the SHARE Network Webinar 'Participation & Co-Creation for Refugee & Migrant Integration in the EU'

'Participation & co-creation for refugee & migrant integration in the EU'

Report from the SHARE Network webinar

15 December 2020



The SHARE Network webinar ‘Participation and co-creation for refugee and migrant integration in the EU' took place on 15 December 2020. View the full webinar agenda (English / French) and concept note (English / French).


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The webinar brought together 180 actors and stakeholders from 23 EU countries for a series of expert presentations and discussions in three key areas. Watch the full webinar recording above, or follow the links below to access individual presenter recordings, reports on each presentation and additional materials:




The webinar formed the first step of a renewed SHARE programme of work for 2021-23 focused on refugee and migrant participation, in which SHARE will:


  • Promote and support co-creation approaches for integration across the SHARE Network, through training, capacity-building, and the creation of tools and resources. 
  • Advocate for the inclusion of participatory approaches for integration and inclusion in relevant EU policy and funding instruments, and in the implementation of EU funds at national level.
  • Develop and pilot participatory and co-creation approaches for refugee and migrant integration and inclusion, in partnership with actors in smaller and rural territories.
  • Facilitate the participation of SHARE refugee and migrant ambassadors in advocacy and policy discussions, including by providing training, capacity-building and support for skills development. 
  • Promote participatory approaches in all phases of designing, implementing and evaluating community-based sponsorship programmes.
  • Mainstream refugee and migrant participation across all SHARE activities and advocacy.





Why participation?


Webinar discussions highlighted how implementing participatory and co-creation approaches for integration can create a 'triple win', producing benefits for:


  • Refugees and migrants: who have opportunities to voice their opinions, bring attention to issues affecting their lives and potential solutions to address them, and build individual skills and capacities.
  • Organisations and authorities working with refugees and migrants: improving the effectiveness and efficiency of integration programmes and interventions, and promoting active citizenship amongst refugee and migrant populations.
  • Policy and decision-makers: developing policy and funding frameworks that better respond to the actual needs, capacities and aspirations of refugees and migrants.





Based on the expert presentations and discussions at the webinar, SHARE has produced two key tools to guide our activities and advocacy and that of the wider network during 2021-23:



The SHARE Network Ladder of Participation (Refugee & Migrant Integration)





It provides:


  • A framework in which to situate current participatory work with refugees and migrants, and assess the type and level of engagement and involvement it is producing.
  • A reference tool to guide the development of new participatory and co-creation activities - for organisations/authorities seeking to expand their current activities and those that are new to this area of work.
  • An overview of practical tools and approaches that can be used to facilite different types and levels of refugee and migrant participation.




The SHARE Network's 10 Key Principles for Refugee & Migrant Participation



Webinar participants highlighted several core principles and considerations for implementing participatory and co-creation approaches with refugees and migrants. To guide the training, capacity-building, pilot project and advocacy activities of the SHARE Network during 2021-23, SHARE has compiled 10 Key Principles for Refugee & Migrant Participation: