What is SHARE?



Part of the European Resettlement Network (ERN), the SHARE Network promotes partnerships for refugee inclusion in local communities across Europe.

Established in March 2012 and led by ICMC Europe, the SHARE Network provides a platform for mutual exchange and learning amongst local and regional actors working on or considering resettlement, and advocates for more and better resettlement in Europe.

The 2018-19 SHARE Integration project, co-financed by the European Union under the AMIF, will respond to Europe’s expanded role in receiving refugees via refugee resettlement and complementary pathways, particularly private sponsorship. During 2018-19, European municipalities will welcome 50,000 resettled refugees from the Middle East and Africa, a tangible expression of solidarity and of offering welcome to those most in need.

To date, the SHARE Network has engaged 3,000 stakeholders in 27 EU countries in dialogue and advocacy. In the coming period, SHARE will expand its focus include smaller municipalities and local actors involved in community-based and private sponsorship. SHARE Integration strengthens the capacity of these new actors by delivering tailored training, conducting research, developing and sharing innovative tools, and facilitating best practice exchange. SHARE Integration will be implemented in parallel with the EU FRANK and Link-It projects, in which ICMC Europe is a partner.

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In 2018-19, the SHARE Network will implement SHARE Integration, a dynamic 2-year programme of activities at European, national and local level. SHARE Integration is implemented by ICMC Europe in association with 10 partner organisations based in 9 European countries.


21 European countries have pledged to receive 50,000 resettled refugees during 2018-19. Refugees will arrive into European towns and cities, many of which are new to resettlement, and local actors and communities will play a central role in ensuring they are welcomed, supported and able to integrate into their new settings. Furthermore, governments increasingly place refugees across their national territories, resulting in more and more refugees now being settled in smaller cities and municipalities. Affordable housing may be more readily available in these localities, and the cost of living may be lower: however, small municipalities may not always have sufficient expertise or capacity to meet refugees’ specific needs.

To address this, SHARE Integration strengthens the capacity of actors that are newly involved in welcoming refugees. SHARE Integration will engage approximately 300 smaller towns and municipalities in its training, capacity-building and peer-exchange activities. SHARE will also carry out research on small and medium-size municipalities (less than 150,000 inhabitants) and map innovative partnerships for social inclusion.

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SHARE 2012-16

The SHARE Network was established in March 2012. It has since engaged over 3,000 actors in 27 European countries in its activities, and worked in partnership with other networks and initiatives to raise the profile of the local and regional dimension of refugee resettlement in the European and global contexts.

SHARE was launched by ICMC Europe and the 2012-14 lead SHARE city of Sheffield in the UK, with the flagship SHARE publication 'Welcome to Sheffield: Reflections on 8 years experience of receiving refugees at the local level'. The city of Sheffield and civil society partners in the UK resettlement programme hosted the SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme (2012-13), a series of 8 tailor-made peer exchange visits for delegations from towns and cities across Europe, implemented in partnership with EUROCITIES

To mark four years of SHARE Network implementation, the SHARE Network Conference of October 2015 brought together many of the actors and stakeholders involved in the network since it was established. Follow the link to read and download conference presentations.

The SHARE publication Building a Resettlement Network of European Cities and Regions- Experiences of the SHARE Network presents the activities, tools and resources of the SHARE Network, and the key policy reflections and recommendations drawn from the SHARE experience during 2012-15.



The SHARE Network is built on partnership, and works together with European and global networks, projects and initiatives toward a common goal of building the capacity and sustainability of refugee resettlement. SHARE raises the profile of the local and regional dimension of refugee resettlement and integration, ensuring regional and local actors have a voice and a presence within global resettlement processes.

SHARE Integration is implemented in parallel with the current Link-It and EU FRANK projects, in which ICMC Europe is a partner. SHARE also benefits from ICMC Europe's participation in the global Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR) process, for example by facilitating the first ATCR Integration Working Group dedicated specifically to local settlement and integration.