The EU-FRANK project is the European Union Action Facilitating Resettlement and Refugee Admission through New Knowledge. It is led by the Swedish Migration Agency in partnership with other European countries (Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, and Switzerland), international organisations and NGOs, and is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). The project started in January 2016, with its activities being officially launched at the kick-off meeting in Stockholm in October 2016, and will end in June 2020.

The initiative aims to provide operational support to EU Member States to build their resettlement capacity and facilitate the implementation of their resettlement programmes.

The EU-FRANK project builds on the experiences and expertise shared through the European Resettlement Network, the SHARE project and others and involves a range of activities. Such as targeted research conducted by project partner Migration Policy Institute (MPI), the development of operational working materials and tools, and the provision of resettlement training for practitioners within governmental institutions or organisations in different EU Member States where the result will be an EASO training module.

Moreover, the project aims to scope innovative approaches and practices, assessing the possibility for increased coordination of and support to resettlement missions. Its activities also include encouraging multilateral exchanges through peer-to-peer review of existing systems, study visits and expert meetings, bringing together more and less experienced resettlement stakeholders in different countries.

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