Small Places, Great Hearts: The 'SHARE Welcoming Community' video series

ICMC Europe and partners of the SHARE Network proudly present the SHARE Welcoming Communities series 'Small Places, Great Hearts'!



What is 'Small Places, Great Hearts'?

SHARE Welcoming Communities 'Small Places, Great Hearts' is a series of films highlighting refugee resettlement and integration in smaller municipalities across Europe. SHARE partners Caritas Austria, Caritas International, Consorzio Communitas, Dutch Council for Refugees, MigrAfrica, JRS Portugal and JRS Romania are leading on the creation of videos in consultation with municipalities, local NGOs, refugees and volunteers. The videos portray daily life and refugee service-delivery in small communities, highlighting the successes of local actors. These short videos allow communities a voice to present themselves directly to soon-to-arrive and newly-arrived refugees, as well as to other stakeholders involved in refugee resettlement.


Videos involve actors in small- and medium-size cities and towns (population <150.000) who are engaged in implementing and advocating for refugees, using their own experiences to promote, celebrate and highlight the benefits of receiving refugees not only for refugees, but also for hosting communities. In addition to interviews with previously resettled refugees and those working with them, the 'SHARE Welcoming Communities' series also contextualizes these voices by capturing relevant celebrations, events or initiatives taking place at the local level in Europe.

The SHARE Welcoming Communities video series aims to:

  • Showcases small-size cities and towns that are successfully receiving and integrating refugees, thereby demonstrating the important role of smaller municipalities and their great potential to be welcoming communities;
  • Incorporates the voices of a wide range of actors involved in welcoming refugees (including local officials, service providers, refugees and refugee-led organisations, religious institutions, schools, small business owners, formal and informal community support groups etc.).
  • Provides examples of innovative partnerships among such actors which facilitate refugee inclusion at the local level.


A final European film presents the highlights of all seven locations plus France (in collaboration with Forum Réfugiés), click here to watch the EU video.


Small Places, Great Hearts - Austria about refugee inclusion in Gänserndorf (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo).


Small Places, Great Hearts - Netherlands about refugee inclusion in Zaanstad (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo). 


Small Places, Great Hearts - Belgium about refugee inclusion in Merchtem (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo). 


Small Places Great Hearts - Germany about refugee inclusion in Jena (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo). 


Small Places - Great Hearts - Romania about refugee inclusion in Somcuta Mare (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo). 


Small Places Great Hearts - Italy about refugee inclusion in Biella (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo). 


Small Places Great Hearts - Portugal about refugee inclusion in Caranguejeira (from EU Resettlement on Vimeo).