About the Network

The European Resettlement Network is an inclusive network that supports the development of resettlement in Europe by connecting a variety of actors involved in refugee resettlement. Network members have a shared commitment to refugee resettlement and refugee protection, to ensuring the provision of durable solutions for refugees, and to ensuring refugees resettled to Europe receive integration support that provides them with the tools to become fully participating citizens.

Since 2016, the European Resettlement Network has been working in the framework of a new ERN+ project to support the development of complementary pathways of admission to the EU for refugees. The project, co-financed by the European Union under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), focuses on community-based sponsorship, student scholarship schemes, and humanitarian admission programmes

The European Resettlement Network counts over 3,000 stakeholders. Network members are both organisations and individuals working in resettlement and integration policy and practice, at different levels and in a variety of sectors. They include those from national, regional, local government, international organisations, civil society, volunteers, academics and others working in all stages of the resettlement process –selection and identification, pre-departure assistance and orientation, travel, reception and integration in the resettlement country. The network membership also includes refugees previously resettled to Europe, whose unique experiences and expertise can contribute to enhancing and developing European resettlement programmes and practice.