Advocating For More And Better Resettlement In Europe - the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador Programme

Welcome to the pages of the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador programmeRead on below to find out more about the background to the programme, what it includes and who's involved. 

To meet the 9 previously resettled refugees acting as SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors, visit the 'Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors!' page...

Why a SHARE Resettlement Ambassador Programme?

Experiences in SHARE  have demonstrated how previously resettled refugees contribute to European resettlement programmes in a number of fundamental ways  - by supporting new resettlement arrivals, acting as volunteers and employees of civil society organisations, providing input for the development of services for refugees and other migrants, and acting as advocates for resettlement at the local, national and European levels.  Outside of resettlement programmes, previously resettled refugees follow many different career and life paths using the opportunities presented to them in their new contexts.  

SHARE I involved previously resettled refugees as expert speakers, event participants, in project consultations and in the development of SHARE resources and publications.  SHARE I also included a specific media engagement strand, working in partnership with ECRE and previously resettled refugees to facilitate a specialist Resettlement Media Exchange Visit to the UK resettlement programme for journalists and NGO Press Officers from 6 European countries.

In SHARE II we wanted to ensure that previously resettled refugees had an opportunity to contribute to the development of the SHARE Network, promoting their city's resettlement achievements and advocating for more and better resettlement at the local, national and European levels.

How does the programme work?

During 2014-15, ICMC has worked with our partners UNHCR and ECRE, together with local/regional stakeholders working on resettlement across Europe, to recruit 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors from 7 European countries.  All Ambassadors have completed a programme of online training, developed for SHARE by the University of Sussex in the UK, and covering topics including European resettlement programmes and policy, developing presentations, public speaking and communication skills, and planning advocacy activities.  Click here to read a short article by the trainer reflecting on her approach to developing the programme and experience of delivering it to the first group of 5 Ambassadors.  Several Ambassadors have been involved in SHARE Network events and activities, and external events on resettlement and integration taking place in their home countries and cities.

Who are the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors?

To find out more about the 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors - who and where they are, what they're doing and how they've been involved with SHARE, please visit the 'Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors' page.

For more information about the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador programme or any aspect of the SHARE Network, please contact Magdalena Boehm at ICMC Europe (