Celebrating 10 years of resettlement in Sheffield!

Since March 2004, the UK city of Sheffield as welcomed approximately 800 resettled refugees from Liberia, Iraq, Bhutan, Somalia, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia.  Sheffield was the lead city partner in the first SHARE Project, sharing its experience and expertise via the SHARE 'Welcome to Sheffield' publication and the SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme.

In March 2014, the SHARE Network travelled to Sheffield to capture the 10th anniversary celebrations of the city's resettlement programme.  Attended by over 200 people, the half-day celebration was organised by the Gateway Refugee Communities Forum, an organisation originally founded by the first group of refugees resettled to the city and now with over 600 members, with support from Sheffield City Council and the NGO British Refugee Council. 

The programme included speeches and reflections from UNHCR, the UK central government Home Office, British Refugee Council, Sheffield City Council and ICMC, together with performances and food organised by the member organisations of the Gateway Refugee Communities Forum.  Watch the film below to learn more about resettlement in Sheffield, see how the celebrations unfolded and view interviews with key participants and organisers.