Faith-Based Organisations in Europe come together to examine their role in implementing the Global Compact on Refugees

The Global Compact On Refugees & The Role Of Faith-Based Organisations In Refugee Protection (February 9th 2021, 14-16h CET) will reflect on the role of FBOs in transforming the lives of sponsored refugees and the communities that host them.

Click here to read an interview with Father Reynaldo Rodrigo Roman Diaz on accompanying sponsored refugees and the work of local volunteers in the municipality of Vicenza (Veneto, Italy). 


The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) was agreed by the international community in December 2018, and represents the ambition and will of the international community for strengthened cooperation and solidarity with refugees and affected host countries. 


The GCR reiterates the need for expanding durable solutions for the world’s refugees, notably through refugee resettlement and also via ‘complementary pathways for admission to third countries, which may provide additional opportunities’ (GCR paragraph 85). Local faith communities play a key role in welcoming and integrating refugees that arrive via such programmes. As a complementary pathway, humanitarian corridors are one of a number of community-based sponsorship programmes that are expanding across Europe. 


The GCR calls for multi-stakeholder partnerships - between government authorities, the private sector, civil society organisations, local actors and others - to find comprehensive solutions to support the wellbeing and dignity of refugees around the world. At the December 2019 Global Refugee Forum (GRF), a range of such actors and stakeholders made pledges for activities they would implement in order to support the realisation of the GCR, over 300 of which came from Europe.


GCR & Faith-Based Organisations

The GCR specifically refers to the important role that faith-based organisations (FBOs) and faith communities can play in its implementation. 


The GCR provides a new framework to examine the role of faith actors in developing responses for refugee protection. This process of learning and reflection is being taken forward in a series of regional events and consultations during 2021, culminating in the international conference Welcoming the Stranger, Shaping the Future taking place in Geneva in March 2022


The European online event The Global Compact On Refugees & The Role Of Faith-Based Organisations In Refugee Protection, taking place on February 9th 2021 (14h-16h CET), forms part of this global programme of events feeding into the design of the 2022 International Conference. 


It is facilitated by a partnership of four civil society organisations (Hebrew Advice & Information Service (HIAS) EuropeLutheran World FoundationQuaker Council for European Affairs and Islamic Relief Worldwide), in collaboration with key European partners including ICMC Europe and the SHARE Network, and aims to: 

  • Enhance awareness of the GCR.
  • Assess the state of implementation of the GRF pledges.
  • Discuss the role of FBOs in collaboration with other partners in achieving results that will transform the lives of refugees and host communities.