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SHARE Network launches graphic display series on the implementation of the EU programme to resettle 50,000 persons in 2018-19

Based on the European Commission's recommendation for the Union to offer at least 50,000 resettlement places  for persons in need of international protection from third countries by end 2019, 20 Member States pledged over 50,000 places making it the largest EU collective engagement on resettlement to date.

The SHARE Network graphic display series designed by ICMC Europe for the occasion of the SHARE Conference 'Expanding Resettlement across Europe: From Policy to Practice' (Brussels, 21-22 October 2019) celebrates the efforts of the 16 European countries that have to date resettled more than 34,000 persons (69.4% of the programme target).

Click here to access the full graphic display gallery and find out which countries joined European efforts to offer protection to refugees through resettlement in 2018-2019.


SHARE report published by ICMC Europe and Caritas Europa: 'Fostering Community Sponsorship Across Europe'

The SHARE Network is delighted to announce the publication of a joint ICMC Europe-Caritas Europe research report on the growth of community sponsorship programmes in Europe. Based on the outcomes of the SHARE Community Sponsorship Working Group, the report examines a number of critical questions for the future of community sponsorship. 

How sponsorship schemes can create additional safe and legal admission pathways for refugees?

To what extent sponsorship programmes can enhance social inclusion?

What practical arrangements and partnership frameworks are needed for quality control that ensures the wellbeing of sponsored refugees? 

The report answers these questions and more! Click here to read the full report in English, and here for the full report in French (Encourager les parrainages communautaires à travers l'Europe).




SHARE report: Another Story from the "Refugee Crisis:" Resettlement in Small Towns and Rural Areas in France

The SHARE Network proudly presents Another Story from the "Refugee Crisis:" Resettlement in Small Towns and Rural Areas in France, a study conducted by SHARE Integration Partner, the Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI). The study examines refugee resettlement in France, and in particular the growing trend of receiving refugees in small-size cities and towns. France is not unique in this respect: due to placement policies (also often referred to as dispersal policies) which determine where in the national territory a newly-arrived refugee will reside, many refugees across Europe are now settling in small size cities and rural areas outside of capital cities.

This does not come without challenges - less diversity, a lack of public transportation, longer journeys for specialized services, to name a few. However, small size communities have important advantages: affordable housing is available; newcomers can more easily get to know their new neighbours; and public services (school, healthcare, administration, etc.) tend to be easily accessible. And indeed, while mainstream media often emphasizes the challenges and the increasingly polarised debate on migration, this report seeks to offer a more nuanced picture: welcoming refugees in small communities comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Indeed, local communities across France (and beyond) are establishing the grassroots partnerships needed in order to make European resettlement a success.

Click here to read the study in English, and here to read in French. 




SHARE Network Magazines

The SHARE Network Magazine reports on SHARE Network activities, events and resources, interviews with key SHARE Network partners and stakeholders and news and information on regional and local resettlement activities across Europe.

Click here to read and download the most recent edition of the SHARE Network Magazine, which provides an overview of project activities in 2018. Click here to download previous issues of the magazine.











SHARE report: ‘Refugee Resettlement to France: State of Affairs and Pathways for Improvement’

SHARE, France Terre d’Asile and Forum Réfugiés gladly present ‘La réinstallation des réfugiés en France: état des lieux et voies d’amélioration’ - an annual report on the French resettlement programme for 2013 and 2014. The French non-governmental organisations France Terre d’Asile and Forum Réfugiés, involved in regional reception and integration programmes, compiled the report on the basis of inputs from French local, regional and national resettlement actors, the publication includes (1) resettlement data for the French resettlement programme in 2013 and 2014, including recent information on the emergency programme for Syrian refugees initiated in 2014;
(2) profiles of 3 refugees resettled to French cities;
(3) actors and partnerships active in the French resettlement programme;
(4) profiles of local/regional resettlement programmes operating in France;
(5) challenges, opportunities and recommendations for the future;
(6) A first assessment of the Syrian refugees scheme and the impact on the annual resettlement programme.


Click here to download the full report in English and here for French.


'A Place to Live, A Place to Stay: A Good Practice Guide for Housing in Refugee Resettlement'

Co-produced by ICMC Europe and the North West Gateway Resettlement Partnership of the UK, 'A Place to Live, a Place to Stay: A Good Practice Guide for Housing in Refugee Resettlement' explores how the issue of housing for refugee resettlement can be addressed in a way that ensures cities can offer places for resettled refugees and plan resettlement programmes that enable them to settle, integrate and thrive in their new cities and municipalities.

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'A City Says Yes! Reflections on the experiences of the Save Me campaign to promote refugee resettlement in Germany'

The publication captures the successful tools and approaches of the German  'Save Me' campaign for cities and refugee resettlement.

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'Welcome to Sheffield: Reflections on 8 years experience of receiving resettled refugees at the local level'

In 2004, Sheffield became the first UK city to receive resettled refugees.  Since then, 640 refugees – from Liberia, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Iraq and Somalia – have found safety, security and a new home in the city. ‘Welcome to Sheffield’ describes how strong local partnerships - between the city, its NGO and civil society partners and Sheffield citizens - have contributed to the ongoing success and growth of the Sheffield resettlement programme. 

‘Welcome to Sheffield’ also profiles resettlement in the UK Yorkshire and Humber region in which Sheffield is located, including via contributions from resettled refugees themselves, and provides top tips for ‘doing’ resettlement at the local level in areas including planning, arrival and reception, support for integration and working with local media.  It includes case studies and personal reflections from refugees resettled to the UK, including those from Congo, Iraq, Burma and Somalia.

If your city or town is thinking about receiving resettled refugees in the future, if there is a national resettlement programme established in your country, or if your country is considering establishing a programme in the near future, then this publication is for you! 

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'Building a Resettlement Network of European Cities and Regions: Experiences of the SHARE Network 2012-2015'

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