SHARE Regional Resettlement Conference for Central Europe (September 9-11, Prague)

Please click here to access the final report from SHARE Regional Resettlement Conference for Central Europe

The European Commission’s May 2015 ‘A European Agenda on Migration’ and the subsequent Justice & Home Affairs Council Conclusions of July 2015 have led to Member State commitments to relocate 32,256 persons of Syrian and Eritrean nationality from Greece and Italy, and to receive 20,000 refugees resettled from refugee-hosting countries outside Europe.  A significant number of refugees will therefore be received and integrated in European countries that until now have had little or no experience in hosting refugees, including Member States in Central Europe and the Baltic states. 

To date, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia have pledged to receive a total of just under 7000 relocated and/or resettled refugees during 2015-16.  Of these countries, only the Czech Republic has a significant, long-standing experience in refugee resettlement, having first received resettled refugees in 2011.

In response to these significant new commitments, the SHARE Network will facilitate a Regional Resettlement Conference for Central Europe.  Taking place in Prague on 9-11 September 2015 and organised by ICMC Europe, the 2.5-day conference programme will use expert presentations, break-out discussions and site visits to resettlement practitioners to:

  • support planning, coordination and partnerships for resettlement amongst participants by introducing successful and innovative practices from experienced resettlement countries elsewhere in Europe, including from the Czech Republic;
  • increase participant awareness of the background and situation of refugee groups due to be received by national programmes;
  • explore common challenges, opportunities and approaches to cross-cutting integration issues in Central Europe/the Baltics, including for example reception planning, the provision of housing, onward movement within the EU and building welcoming local communities; and
  • provide a platform for participants to network, exchange and build relationships to assist in the future development of national resettlement and relocation programmes.

The conference will facilitate attendance of 25 participants, drawn from actors involved or planning involvement in resettlement, relocation and integration in Central Europe and the Baltic states, including:

  • regional and local authorities;  
  • civil society organisations;
  • service providers (healthcare, housing, language tuition etc);
  • national governments;
  • international organisations.

Final selection of participants will be based on representation from different actors and across the target countries.

For more information about the SHARE Network or the conference, please contact Magdalena Boehm ( at ICMC.