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SHARE Welcoming Communities: 

'Small Places, Great Hearts'

The SHARE Welcoming Communities short film 'Small Places, Great Hearts' depicts refugee resettlement and integration in small municipalities in 8 European countries.  

Watch the video to hear from municipalities, NGOs, refugees and volunteers on daily life and refugee service delivery in smaller communities across Europe, and see those those in small and medium sized cities and towns presenting their experiences and promoting, celebrating and highlighting the benefits of receiving refugees. 

To find out more about the 'Small Places, Great Hearts' series, watch the seven short films produced by SHARE partners in collaboration with smaller communities receiving refugees around Europe.



Where do refugees live? SHARE animated film presents refugee 'placement' policies and approaches in the EU

National approaches to refugee placement are decided by countries participating in resettlement. Placement policies determine where on the national territory resettled refugees will be hosted, and the multilevel governance arrangements that will be used to facilitate this process. Cities and towns have different capacities to meet specific needs: effective placement ensures refugees are matched with communities that can provide appropriate support, in turn enabling newly arrived refugees to maximise their skills and achieve their aspirations.

The SHARE animated film on refugee placement presents the different placement approaches in use by European countries receiving refugees, demonstrating how strong partnerships and effective coordination can together facilitate effective integration.



Life after resettlement in Antwerp: Meet Filmon, SHARE Resettlement Ambassador

From 2014, ICMC Europe worked with UNHCR, ECRE, and local and regional resettlement stakeholders across Europe to establish the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador programme, an initiative enable previously resettled refugees to contribute to the development of the SHARE Network, promote their city's resettlement achievements and advocate for more and better resettlement. The programme recruited and trained 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors from 7 European countries, who were involved in SHARE Network events and activities, and external events on resettlement and integration taking place in their home countries and cities. 

SHARE Resettlement Ambassador for Belgium, Filmon, is originally from Eritrea. He and his wife spent time in Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya, before beng resettled to Antwerp from Shousha camp in Tunisia in 2011. They were part of the first group of refugees to be resettled to Belgium, where they now live with their children. 

In early 2015, Filmon worked together with ICMC and Caritas International to produce a short film about his early life in Antwerp, visiting and talking with the organisations and individuals that supported him to settle into life in Belgium and helped him to pursue his goals. 

Watch 'Belgium is a land of opportunity: resettlement in the city of Antwerp' to find out more about Filmon and his experiences.






Voices of previously resettled refugees in Finland and the UK

In 2014, ICMC Europe worked with partners and stakeholders in Finland and the UK to produce develop 'Voices of Previously 

Resettled Refugees', a series of video interviews highlighting the experiences and reflections of previously resettled refugees in Finland and the UK. The interviews discuss resettlement and integration with five individuals from Bhutan, DR Congo and Ethiopia, and form part of the SHARE 'Voices from the City' video and audio resource series.





Partnerships for Refugee Inclusion: celebrating World Refugee Day 2013 in Lyon

Participants of the SHARE Network half-day conference 'Refugee Resettlement - partnerships for a durable protection and reception in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom', held in the city of Lyon on June 20 on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2013, took part in the city's World Refugee Day umbrella march. 

Organised by Forum Réfugiés-Cosi as an expression of Lyon's solidarity with refugees around the world, the umbrella march has taken place every year in Lyon since 2004 and the city's example has inspired many others across Europe to express their 

solidarity by holding World Refugee Day umbrella marches. ICMC, the city of Lyon and Forum Réfugiés-Cosi are delighted that conference discussions on the role of cities in providing shelter for refugees took place in this context.

Watch the short film documenting the World Refugee Day 2013 umbrella march in Lyon, featuring interviews with key stakeholders working on refugee resettlement and integration in the city and surrounding region.




Partnerships for Refugee Inclusion: videos of a half-day exchange between France, Belgium & the UK

Co-organised by the International Catholic Migration Commission (Europe), the city of Lyon and Forum Réfugiés-Cosi, 'Refugee Resettlement - partnerships for a durable protection and reception in France and the United Kingdom', a half-day conference was held 

in the city of Lyon on June 20 on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2013.

All the presentations and keynote addresses, focusing on the organisation of housing and multilevel stakeholder arrangements to facilitate resettlement and integration, were filmed and can be viewed on the event homepage.




Video impressions from the SHARE Network Conference (Brussels, October 2015)

The second phase of the SHARE Network drew to a close at the SHARE Network Conference held in Brussels on October 20 2015, in partnership with the Committee of the Regions. After 3.5 years of engaging in refugee resettlement, protection and integration and to mark the occasion of the conference, SHARE produced a series of video interviews with conference participants, including those from cities and civil society organisations, and with previously resettled refugees themselves.

Watch the 3 short video interviews with conference participants, in which they highlight their efforts to enable refugees to settle, integrate and move toward independence in their new societies in a dignified and supported manner.





Voices from the city...


Since early 2014, ICMC has been working with partners and stakeholders of the SHARE Network to develop 'SHARE Voices from The City', a series of film and audio resources highlighting the refugee resettlement at the regional and local level across Europe.

Click here to check them out and learn more!