SHARE Sponsorship Stories


Community-based approaches to monitoring and evaluationshighlights from the June 2021 monitoring workshop hosted by Caritas International and the SHARE Network.






- "What can cities do to support refugees?" ANVITA information session on community sponsorship.

- "Supporting refugee families during the pandemic", interview with Patrick, member of a sponsor group in Le Vésinet (also available in French).

- "Towards labor market integration: Volunteer rather than Refugee", interview with Khalil, sponsored refugee in Montesson (also available in French).

- "The community's welcome of refugees in rural areas: an incredible human adventure", interview with Yannick Lechevallier.



- "Community Sponsorship via the German NesT programme: An experience to repeat", interview with Ottmar, member of a sponsor group in Cologne.

- "Community Sponsorship via the German NesT programme: A new start", interview with Shurook, sponsored refugee in Cologne.





"Engaging Communities to support the local inclusion of refugees arriving in Italy", interview with Father Reynaldo Rodrigo Roman Diaz.


- "Virtual roundtable on Refugee Sponsorship and Student Pathways", summary of the event co-organised by SHARE and Caritas Italiana.


"Higher Education Opportunities for Refugees - Yohannes's story", interview with Yohannes, student of the UNICORE Programme.



- "Regional governments piloting Community Sponsorship Programmes : Evaluating the Basque Country Programme (2019-2021)".



Community Sponsorship in Cardiff, an example of a successful partnership between the city and civil society, Interview with Cardiff City Councillor Susan Elsmore, January 2022

Sponsorhip in the UK's Southwest: an example of place-based sponsorship in rural communities, Interview with Susannah Baker from the Pickwell Foundation

From sponsored refugee to sponsoring ambassador: when refugee participation gives back to the community, Interview with Khadeja Alamaly, sponsored refugee in the UK and now ambassador for the Pickwell Foundation