'Volunteering for Refugee Integration: a SHARE Network Toolkit Publication'

Follow the links to download a copy of 'Volunteering for Refugee Integration: a SHARE Network Toolkit Publication' in English, French or German.

'Volunteering for Refugee Integration: a SHARE Network Toolkit Publication' sets out the SHARE Network benchmark on volunteering for refugee integration - what it is, and how you can use it to begin, assess and improve volunteering for refugee integration in a way that fits the specific circumstances of your city and/or organisation.

The toolkit has been jointly developed in the framework of the SHARE Network’s ‘SHARING through Mentoring’ programme, led by the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) Europe in partnership with the EUROCITIES network, MigrationWork, Dutch Council for Refugees (Limburg), the municipalities of Sittard-Geleen and Maastricht, the Finnish city of Tampere and a wide range of experts working on volunteering and refugee integration across Europe.

What is the volunteering for refugee integration benchmark?

The toolkit begins with the ‘SHARING through Mentoring’ standard - a headline summary of the SHARE Network’s overall objective of volunteering for refugee integration.  It then sets out the following components:

Key factors, or the policy and practice elements that enable cities and organisations to meet the ‘SHARING through Mentoring’ standard. Each key factor is formulated as a statement, allowing you to verify if it is true for your city or organisation. Your chance of success in reaching the standard are greater the more of the key factors are in place.

Guide questions that ask about issues that need to be investigated before you can say if your city or organisation has the key factor in place.

Good practice examples from organisations across Europe working on volunteering and refugee integration, to illustrate the ways in which cities and organisations are working to address the themes covered by each key factor.

How can you use the volunteering for refugee integration toolkit?

The toolkit is an instrument for inspiring, assessing and developing your policies and practice.  You can apply the benchmark set out in the toolkit in different ways, depending on factors such as the policy and activities you have developed to date; if you want to focus on the whole benchmark or particular elements of it; what kind of information is available to you; who you want to get feedback from; and the level and type of resources you have to complete the process.

For more information about the 'SHARING through Mentoring' programme and volunteering for refugee integration, please contact Magdalena Boehm at ICMC Europe (boehm@icmc.net).