Welcome to the SHARE Network!


Part of the European Resettlement Network (ERN), the SHARE Network promotes partnerships for refugee inclusion in local communities across Europe.

Established in March 2012 and led by ICMC Europe, SHARE provides a platform for mutual exchange and learning amongst local and regional actors working on or considering resettlement, and advocates for more and better resettlement in Europe.

In 2018-19, SHARE implemented the SHARE Integration project, a collaboration with 10 partners in 9 European countries to strengthen and support the work of those new actors - particularly  in smaller municipalities - involved in an expanded European resettlement programme that is on course to receive 50,000 people in need of protection to Europe by the end of 2019.

Follow the links below to access SHARE tools, resources and publications, and to find out more about the thematic areas the SHARE Network addresses. 


 What is SHARE? Learn more about SHARE history, current projects and plans.


Pre-Arrival Planning Early planning for resettlement during the pre-departure phase lays the groundwork for successful settlement and integration post-arrival. 


Settlement & Early Integration Ensuring the early inclusion and full participation of resettled refugees in their new societies must be the ultimate aim of local reception and integration programmes. 


National & Local Partnerships To ensure that both refugees and host communities’ needs are identified and met in the most effective and efficient way possible, SHARE advocates centrally coordinated partnerships for local integration support which include a wide range of relevant local actors.


Emerging Resettlement Countries Local communities in emerging resettlement countries lack experience with resettlement and often with receiving refugees. SHARE engages in capacity building to ensure the success of new and emerging resettlement initiatives. 


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